Obi Obi Parklands - Revegetation Forests

Obi Obi Parklands will surround the northern wetlands area with an extensive revegetation project. Several feature rainforest areas will be planted.  One rainforest area will be continuous with the existing stand on the Porter’s sister’s land that has grown since 1943. The forest land will serve a number of purposes:

  • increase the biodiversity value of the precinct site
  • provide habitat for threatened fauna and flora
  • become scenically attractive and provide a pleasant area for trails
  • will take the pressure off the over-used rainforest at Mary Cairncross Reserve
  • be used to control erosion and improve water quality
  • be a reserve for plant and animal species adapting to climate change and
  • will act as a carbon sink and generate Carbon credits for Maleny and Council.

Forest tree, shrub and understorey species will be from Barung Landcare’s nursery and all be from locally collected and germinated seed.  Other patches of remnant rainforest on the Blackall Range are being linked by corridors that have been planted by Barung Landcare, other landcare groups and individual landowners.  These corridors have enormous value in preserving biodiversity and the rainforest in the parklands will form an integral link with other rainforest areas. (See green corridors map).

These forest areas, together with walking trails, will compliment the Mary Cairncross education experience, which currently runs guided tours for over 3,000 primary and secondary students per annum.