Obi Obi Parklands - An initiative of Green Hills

This Obi Obi Parklands concept proposal for the Maleny Community Precinct has been presented to the community by Maleny District Green Hills on behalf of a number of environmental groups and a collective of individuals. Many active volunteers have contributed their time, skills, energy and many have made cash donations to help defray printing and advertising costs. We have produced detailed maps, various evolutions of our concept plan, a business plan, have co-ordinated meetings and public information displays, and have actively promoted the possibility of an alternative for the precinct land. Presentations have been made to the Mayor and all Councillors in the former Caloundra City Council and we are working with the new Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

We believe that we have succeeded in our original aim to show the local community, and the former Council, that there were other alternatives for the Maleny Community Precinct, and that a viable financial model could be set into action which would not solely rely on the sale of a significant part of the land for housing.

Maleny District Green Hills Fund is the main incorporated organisation backing the Obi Obi Parklands concept plan for the Maleny Community Precinct. Green Hills has a keen interest in preserving the environmental values of our region and does not wish to see a large number of houses on the precinct land.

Here are the major local environmental organisations behind our proposal:

Barung Landcare is our local landcare organisation which seeks a new site within the precinct. With over 750 members, Barung is one of the most successful landcare organisations in Australia. Barung has formally endorsed this concept plan, contributed significantly to the proposed layout, and many Barung members have contributed feedback to Council on the precinct issue.

Lake Baroon Catchment Care Group has an active interest in promoting healthy waterways in our region. They are particularly interested in the restoration of a viable riparian zone along the Obi Obi Creek frontage, and the establishment of wetlands within the precinct site to enhance biodiversity. LBCCG has formally endorsed this concept plan and they have made a submission to Council. Many of the members of LBCCG have contributed personal feedback to Council on the precinct issue.

In addition to the three formal groups backing the parklands concept, The Friends of Obi Obi Parklands is an informal group of local people who support the parklands proposal for the precinct site. We have a list of over 670 people who have added their names and addresses to show their support in 2007. All in the group have submitted their individual feedback to Council showing their support for the parklands concept. The Friends of OOP fully support the Council in their master planning of sporting and recreation facilities and amenities across all council owned assets in the Maleny region. We support a holistic approach to considering uses for the precinct land.