The following organisations, and high profile individuals supported and endorsed the former Obi Obi Parklands concept encompassing the entire precinct site. The revised concept plan providing for shared use of the precinct will incorporate a significant number of the elements and concepts of the original proposal. You can read the original concept plan here.

Colin Campbell - gardening expert, television presenter ABCTV Gardening Australia

'I support the Obi Obi Parklands 100%. Because, being the initiator of the Roma St Parklands [in Brisbane] I have watched that develop and I have seen the tens of thousands (in fact nearly half a million visitors a year) go to that parkland and enjoy the ambience and the feeling of peace and tranquility. We could have something similar to that right here in Maleny.'

Professor Joe Baker AO OBE - world authority in natural resource management

'...the “Maleny Gardens Concept” could lead to a development, which would be ecologically sustainable, encourage community commitment and involvement, attract tourists – particularly families – and be an exemplar of how development can take place in harmony with nature.'

Barung Landcare

In acknowledging the hard work Council staff have undertaken to develop the concept currently being put to the community for comment, Barung Landcare has informed its more than 750 members as follows:

We believe the range of environmental outcomes and community benefits are far greater in the Obi Obi Parklands concept. The Barung Management Committee and staff support the Obi Obi Parklands concept because:

  • It provides a well situated and appropriate location for the activities of Barung Landcare
  • It identifies and protects a number of significant environmental attributes on the Precinct land including wetlands riparian zones and provides many opportunities for strategic biodiversity enhancement
  • The design works within the natural constraints of the landscape
  • It protects and enhances water quality for a significant catchment area of Lake Baroon
  • It protects and builds upon wildlife corridors within the precinct and allows linkages to be developed with the broader landscape
  • It delivers a broad range of environmentally sustainable outcomes
  • It encourages broad community participation within a significant environmental asset

With more than 750 local members, Barung has now consolidated its reputation as one of the most successful landcare groups in Queensland, both in Australia and internationally.

Barung's aims are:

  • To produce the best Landcare outcomes with the most effective investment of time, effort and money.
  • To generate sufficient ongoing cashflow surplus to deliver core services without reliance on tied funds.
  • To operate within a community which is aware and actively involved in landcare.
  • To forge a closer relationship with primary producers, and work together to apply landcare principles while increasing profitability

Lake Baroon Catchment Care Group

Since its formation in 1991, the Lake Baroon Catchment Care Group (LBCCG) has worked to raise public awareness of water quality issues within the Lake Baroon catchment.

The group encourages individuals and community groups to implement appropriate water and land use practices to minimise in-stream and groundwater pollution.
LBCCG provides up to 50% funding to landholders, community groups and other organisations to implement projects to improve water quality.

For more information, phone the group on (07) 5494 3775 or email

Maleny District Green Hills Fund

Green Hills works in partnership with community, government and business to protect the rural integrity and character of the Maleny District.

Initiated by Dr. Greg Wren of Maleny, with the support of a group of concerned citizens sharing his vision, it was first registered as a Public Company Limited by Guarantee under Queensland Corporation Law in December 1995.

Green Hills is listed on the Australian Government Register of Environmental Organisations, which entitles contributors to full tax deductibility on donations to the Gift Fund, which has its own Trustees.

The aims of the Green Hills fund are:

  • To maintain and preserve the rural and visual charm of Maleny District for Maleny lovers while protecting the interests of Maleny residents & landowners.
  • To protect and preserve the environment.
  • To act as trustee of lands which owners wish to protect for the future.
  • To raise funds from donations, bequests and fund-raising activities to purchase, protect and manage significant private land.
  • To encourage private individuals and other groups in the preservation of Maleny land.
  • To research and disseminate information relevant to land usage in the Maleny District.