Obi Obi Parklands - Southern Wetland Species List

The Maleny Community Precinct Master Plan includes an area now referred to as the Southern Wetland. This is shown as the lower of the two wetland areas in this graphic.

Green Hills, as part of the Precinct Community Advisory Group, was recently asked by the Council to comment on a proposed management plan for this area. The below species list was included in the Green Hills response to Council.

Although the wetlands are classified as palustrine, for several months of the year there is open water in the central channel. During periods of dry conditions in the interior, many wetlands on the Blackall Range provide a refuge for waterbirds from inland waterways. During the last ten-year drought, birds such as Grey Teal, Hardheads and Magpie Geese were seen in the southern wetland. The Magpie Geese grazed in the littoral zone and bred in nearby dams that had more extensive open water.

We contend that the southern wetland is indeed an important habitat, not only for birds, but other wetland dependent animals.

List of Mammals and Frogs recorded for the Southern Wetland on the Maleny Community Precinct.

Observations by Dr. Steven van Dyck (Queensland Museum) in 1980-2 and by Dr. Les Hall, 2001 to 2011.

Ornithorhynchus anatinus
Seen several times feeding in the wetland above stock crossing.

Water Rat
Hydromys chrysogaster
Spotlighted and a feeding station found in the wetland.

Bush Rat
Rattus fuscipes
Live trapped in the wetland riparian zone.

Swamp Rat
Rattus lutreolus
Live trapped in the wetland.

Nine species of microchiropterans have been recorded nearby the wetland using Anabat. All species would feed directly over the wetland, but none could be regarded as being dependent on the wetland for food. No suitable bat roost sites have been found in the surrounding riparian zone.

Frog species recorded by Greg Czechura (Queensland Museum) from the southern wetland, 1980 to 2011.

Green Treefrog
Litoria caerula

Emerald-spotted Treefrog
Litoria peronii

Southern Laughing Treefrog
Litoria tyleri

Bleating Treefrog
Litoria dentate

Eastern Sedgefrog
Litoria fallax

Broad-palmed Rocketfrog
Litoria latopalmata

Striped Rocketfrog
Litoria nasuta

Stony Creek Frog
Litoria lesueuri

Striped Marsh Frog
Limnodynastes peronii

Clicking Froglet
Crinia signifera

Sandy Gungan
Uperoleia fusca

Tusked Frog
Adelotus brevis

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